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 Pokemon Diamond Pearl Movie 11 2008 Giratina to Sora no Hanataba



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 New Japanese Pokemon Trading Card Game: DP5 Series!

"Pokemon Card Game DP5"


(C) Pokemon/NINTENDO/GAMEFREAK/Creatures Inc.   Image used for Promotional purposes.


Release Date: March 2008 (Japan)


The new set will feature "Mewtwo LV.X" and "Graion LV.X"

 Official Sites:





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 Nintendo of Korea to release "Pokemon Diamond Pearl" in Korea!



Nintendo of Korea confirmed that the Nintendo DS games "Pokemon Diamond" and "Pokemon Pearl" will be released in Korea!


포켓몬스터DP 디아루가  (Pocket Monsters DP: Dialga)
포켓몬스터DP 펄기아 (Pocket Monsters DP: Palkia)


Release Date: 21 February 2008.


This is the first RPG Pokemon game to be released in Korea. 

Previous Pokemon games have not been released in Korea, however the new Nintendo DS Pokemon games "Pokemon Dash" , "Pokemon Trozei" and "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon" were released.


Wi-Fi Connection was officially announced to be in the Korean versions, however as Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire were not released, whetether "Pal Park" will exist or not is not confirmed.



 Official web site:




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 America: The 10th Pokemon Diamond Pearl "The Rise of Darkrai"!



On 25 January 2008, Cartoon Network announced the title of the 10th Pokemon Movie:


 The Rise of Darkrai


The Movie will be broadcasted in Cartoon Network on March 2008!


 America's first Darkrai appearance!  Darkrai.com Open!




"Darkrai" has been officially revealed in it's own official web site "Darkrai.com"!


The web site features Information about Darkrai appearance in the Nintendo DS "Pokemon Diamond Pearl" and also in the upcoming Pokemon Movie "The Rise of Darkrai", yet it's appearance in the Pokemon Card Game (TCG) series!


This announcement confirms that Darkrai will be soon released in the Nintendo DS, yet the 10th movie will be soon released in North America.




 Limited Edition: Nintendo DS Lite Pikachu Edition !


Limited Edition Pikachu DS Lite Yellow Nintendo DS Lite


Pokemon Center (Japan) will be selling the Limited Edition release of the

Yellow "Pikachu Nintendo DS Lite" in the new Pokemon Center store in Tokyo!


 ▪ Now you can buy it at Play-Asia!!!



Release Date: 20 July 2007 (Pokemon Center Japan)


Buy Online:

Play-Asia.com Limited Edition Pokemon Diamond Pearl Pikachu Nintendo DS Lite Yellow NintendoDS




 The Official Worldwide Pokemon Trading web site: Pokemon-GTS.net Opens 15 Sept.!


Pokemon GTS  


Developed officially by the "The Pokemon Company", The official worldwide Pokemon Trading web site "Pokemon GTS: Global Trading Station" will be launched on 15 September 2007!


The GTS is expected to be a live database of the Pokemon GTS feature of Nintendo DS Games "Pokemon Diamond" and "Pokemon Pearl".


Pokemon-GTS.net will be available in 8 different languages, Including: Japanese, English, Spanish, Italian, and French.






 New Japanese Pokemon Trading Card Game: DP4 Series!

「ポケモンカードゲームDP4」 「月光の追跡」  「夜明けの疾走」 「ブーバーンVSエレキブル」

(C)Pokemon/NINTENDO/GAMEFREAK/Creatures Inc.   Image used for Promotional purposes.

"Pokemon Card Game DP4"



"Gekkou no Tsuseki"

(Moonlight of Pursuit)


"Yoake no Shissou"

(The Spirit of Dawn)

Starter Pack

"Buban VS Elekiburu"

(Magmortar VS Electivire)


26 October 2007! (Japan)


 Official Sites:





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 DS "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2": Official Japanese Release Announced!


Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon Yami no TankentaiPokemon Fushigi no Dungeon Toki no Tankentai

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Darkness Exploration Team - Pokémon Fushigi no Dungeon Yami no Tankentai (ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 闇の探検隊 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Time Exploration Team ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 時の探検隊 Pokemon Fushigi no Danjon Toki no Tankentai

Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Yami no Tankentai - Toki no Tankentai

(Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Dark Exploration Team - Time Exploration Team)






 Connectivity  Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection  Players  1 Player


Nintendo DS

 Release Date

13/09/2007 (Japan)


 The game will have the similar strategy used in the previous "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon" game on 2005.


 New Features:

 ▪ All 493 Pokemon can be found in the game!

 ▪ 15 Playable Pokemon! Including: Pikachu, Chimchar, Piplup, Charmendar, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Cundaquil!

 ▪ Nintendo W-Fi Connection support


 TV Special Episode: Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon (Mystery Dungeon) on 9/9/2007!


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 TV Special


The "Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon" TV Special will be broadcasted in Pokemon Sunday on 09/09/2007!

 This is the 2nd TV Special of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, the first was broadcasted with the release of the first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series on 2005.




 TV Commercial


ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 時の探検隊、闇の探検隊 テレビCMビデオ




Type A


Type B



 (C) The Pokemon Company / Nintendo / Chunsoft

 Video for Promotional Purposes only.




 Action Replay Cheats

  Several cheat codes have been released!




 Official Site:

 ▪ http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ds/yftj_yfyj/

 ▪ http://www.pokemon.co.jp/special/dungeon/

 ▪ http://www.chunsoft.co.jp/games/pokedun2/


 Pre-Order now on Play-Asia!



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 "Pokemon Diamond Pearl" Anime first broadcast in Italy!!


Pokemon Diamante e Perla Pokemon Diamante e Perla Pokemon Diamante e Perla


"Pokemon Diamante e Perla"!

First Italian Broadcast on Mediaset's "Italia1"!

Starting from 2007 September 17 (Sunday)! 

Sunday ~ Friday 17:45 (Italy's time)




 Official Site:



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 Pokemon Characters in "Super Smash Brawl Brothers" Wii!

 Super Smash Brawl Bros Wii Pokemon

  Several Pokemon characters (Pikachu, Deoxys, Charizard) are confirmed to be playable in the upcoming Wii game

 "Super Smash Brawl Bros." to be released in 2008..


 For the first time to appear in the Super Smash series, The Pokemon manga and games character "Red" will be the Pokemon trainer in Super Smash Wii !


 Official web site:





 Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: European Release Date 2007 July 27!!!



The Pokemon Diamond & Pearl in Europe will be released in four languages, each sold separately.


Pokemon edizione Diamante

Pokemon edizione Perla

Pokemon version Diamant

Pokemon version Perle

Italy: Pokemon edizione Diamante / edizione Perla

France: Pokemon version Diamant / version Perle

Pokemon edicion Diamante

Pokemon edicion Perla

Pokemon Diamant-Edition

Pokemon Perle-Edition

 Spain: Pokemon edicion Diamante / edicion Perla

 Germany: Pokemon Diamant-Edition Perle-Edition


With the release of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl in Europe, It will be possible to complete the International pokedex entries (Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian) by Trading!


Release Date: 27 July 2007


 Official "Pokemon Diamond & Pearl" Nintendo DS game series web site:




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