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 Welcome to the Ultimate DP BerryDex. In this Berry dex you will be able to find all the details & pics possible on all 64 In Game Berrie. Navigation is done using the Drop Down Menu for you to find the Berry you're interested in easily. Alternatively below this drop down menu on this index page is a table allowing for easy browsing and access to the rest of the BerryDex!



 Pokedream: Berrydex

 Berries are a variety of fruit found in the Hoenn region. In Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald & FireRed/LeafGreen, there is a seperate pocket for the 43 different types of Berries. Some of these restore HP, fix palalysis, and get your PP back on track. All of these can be mixed in Berry Mixers to make PokeBlocks.



 Bulbapedia: IV Generation Berry

Generation IV shared its main berry set with Generation III, but added a few more not found in Hoenn, which have additional in-battle effects. Additionally, all of the additions Pokémon Emerald made to their functionality were retained. All Berries can be used to make Poffins, however, those that have no other, in-battle, effect are used only for planting, harvesting, and Poffin-making.



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Pokemon DP Berries List with Effects Information

Pokeguide.filb.de http://www.pokezam.com/games/ds/diamondpearl/berries.php
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Pokemon DP Berry List with Location, Fling & Nature Gift Information and Price.



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Las bayas son objetos que se pueden encontrar en la región de Hoenn y Sinnoh. En Sinnoh, sin embargo se encuentran más bayas que en Hoenn, llegando al total de 64 bayas diferentes. Todas ellas se pueden utilizar para crear Pokochos. Para aquellos que juegan a la versión inglesa de los juegos, les interesará saber que los Pokochos en inglés se les llama Poffin.



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Items List Including Berries Information.