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 Pokeon Battle Revolution (PBR)

 Release Date
 Not Announced (Europe)
 25.06.2007 (North America)
 14.12.2006 (Japan)

 Publisher & Distributor
 The Pokemon Company
 Pokemon 3D Battle (Fighting)


 Wii (Nintendo)

  1~2 Players using Wii Remote
  1~4 Players using Nintendo DS
 (A Nintendo DS console and a Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl game are required for each player)

 Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
 (Online Gameplay)
 Nintendo DS
(Data Copy from/to: Pokemon Diamond / Pokemon Pearl)

 Required: Wii Remote
 Optional: Nintendo DS (Pokemon Diamond / Pearl)


Connectivity: Nintendo Wi-Fi & Nintendo DS
 Nintendo DS: DS Battle Mode
 The Nintendo DS can connect with the Wii's Pokemon Battle Revolution in three ways:
(1) Transfer Pokemon from Nintendo DS
 In the "Storage" mode, you can transfer the pokemon you trained in the Nintendo DS Pokemon Diamond / Pokemon Pearl to your Pokemon Battle Revolution storage.
 The Pokemon will have it's same moves and stats, and also it's held item!

 By transferring Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, the "Custom Pass" will be unlocked! Unlike the Rental Pass, in Custom Pass it's possible to choose the pokemon you would like to have, which are the trained pokemon you transferred from Nintendo DS Pokemon Diamond & Pearl! Making It possible to have a stronger team than the Rental Pass team.
 The only way to get the Custom Pass is by transferring Pokemon from Nintendo DS.

 * Pokemon Battle Revolution will only connect with Pokemon Diamond/Pokemon Pearl from the same region as it is. For Example, a Japanese Pokemon Battle Revolution would only connect with a Japanese Pokemon Diamond/Pokemon Pearl.
* Pokemon transferred from Pokemon Diamond/Pokemon Pearl will be just copied to the Nintendo Wii, the data will be not removed from the Nintendo DS game, the transfer will not effect any pokemon in the Nintendo DS.
 (2) Transfer Pokemon to Nintendo DS
 It's possible to transfer Pokemon from the Pokemon Battle Revolution's Storage to your Nintendo DS Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl.
 Some special Pokemon such as the Surfing Pikachu, which is only obtainable in Pokemon Battle Revolution, and also Magmortar and Electivire can be transferred to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
 Transferring is done through the Mystery Gift feature in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
Surfing Pikachu

The Surfing Pikachu can be found after beating the 10 Collosseums, It has a surfing board, and It also have special moves such as Surf and Volt Tackle.
Magmortar & Electivire

The new Pokemons "Magmortar" and "Electivire" can also be sent from Pokemon Battle Revolution to the Nintendo DS.
 Another way to get Magmortar & Electivire is by the evolution in the Nintendo DS, Magmortar evolves from a Magmar holding the item "Magmorizer" when It has been traded, and Electivire evolves from an Electrode holding "Electrizer" after the trade.

(3) Nintendo DS as a controller
 In this mode, the controller will be the Nintendo DS.
The same "battle" screen that is displayed in the bottom screen in Pokemon Diamond/Pokemon Pearl will be displayed. The user chooses the Pokemon attacks in the bottom screen of the Nintendo DS, however the battle scene will be on screen as a Pokemon Battle Revolution battle.
  Up to Four Players can play using Nintendo DS as a controller. Each Player must have a Nintendo DS with a Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl game. 


 Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection: Online Pokemon Battles

Pokemon Battle Revolution is the first online Wii game!
There are two types of online battles
 (1) Random Battle: Battle with Someone
In this mode, the online battle is against random people from all over the world!
 (2) Friend Battle: Battle with a Friend
In this mode, the online battle is against a friend of yours. Friendcode is required in this mode, as you must enter your's friend Pokemon Battle Revolution friendcode and he enters yours.



Game Guides

PBR Pokemon Battle Revolution Wii: Player's Guide:  The Official Guide from Nintendo Power'

The Official Guide from Nintendo Power:

Pokemon Battle Revolution (Player's Guide)


 The ONLY official guide from the insiders at Nintendo! THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN!!

Conquer the Colosseums of Pokétopia with the Official Player's Guide from Nintendo Power!

- 3-D gallery of EVERY Pokémon in the National Pokédex!

- COMPLETE accessory list for decking out your Trainer in style!

- Comprehensive Trainer information for EVERY Colosseum!

- Tips to get the most from Nintendo WI-FI CONNECTION!


Pages: 208

Publisher: Nintendo of America Inc.

Release Date: 25 June 2007


Pokemon Battle Revolution Wii: Prima Official Game Guide

Prima Official Game Guide:

Pokemon Battle Revolution


- Full stats: The guide will cover statistics for the Pokémon that you'll be able to bring to the arena for battle.
- Strategies: You'll find tips and tactics on how to best use your Pokémon teams against your opponents.
- DS and Wii connectivity: The book will detail how to best use the DS and Wii in conjunction with the Wi-Fi connection.
- Pull-out poster: Giant poster included!


Pages: 256

Publisher: Prima Official Game Guides

Release Date: 25 June 2007


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