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 Pokeradar Guide


 Needed Items:

 - PokeRadar Tool

 - Super Repels, Max Repels (not required, but useful to not get a pokemon in a non shaking grass)

 - Pokeballs (Ultra Ball, Quick Balls, Timer Ball, Dusk Ball, Nest Ball)


 How It Works:

 (1) Use the Repel (Bag > Items > Super Repel / Max Repel)

 (2) Run the Pokeradar (Bag > Key Items > Pokeradar)

 (3) Several grasses will shake, visit a white shaking grass. Usually rare pokemon are in the furthest shaking grass, or in the most white shaking grass.


 White Shaking grass could have a rare Pokemon, If you didn't get one, try again as the Pokeradar-only Pokemons are less common to appear than other pokemon.


 How to get a Shiny Pokemon (Chaining):

 Shiny Pokemon may be found by chaining, chaining is getting the same pokemon over and over using the Pokeradar.

 To make a chain, remember the shaking of the grass that you stepped into, and battle the pokemon. You are required to defeat it, after the battle another grass will shake, just step into the grass that shakes the same way as the one before.

 The chain will stop if a different pokemon appeared, and that happens when a different grass is stepped on.


 The Pokeradar will fail if:

 (1) A wild Pokemon appeared from a non shaking grass

 (2) The bicycle is used.



 PokeRadar Pokemons:


 Refer to Serebii.net's Pokeradar page:





 What is the main point of the Pokeradar?

  (1) Getting non Shinnoh Pokemon (Pokemons from Honen or Kanto) to appear in Shinnoh's wild grass

  (2) Getting shiny pokemon using the chaining trick.


 Where can I get the Pokeradar?

 You get the PokeRadar after you get the National Pokedex.

 The National Pokedex is given after seeing all the Shinnoh region Pokemon, If you do not have the National Pokedex, be sure that you have completed your pokedex, then visit the Professor.

 Palkia is seen on the wall in a house in Celestic Town.


 Where can I use the Pokeradar? / I can't use the Pokeradar

 The Pokeradar can be used in wild green grass only.

 The Pokeradar will not function if the bicycled is used.

 After using it, 50 steps are required to recharge the pokeradar.


 What's Chaining?

 Chaining is getting the same pokemon for one after another for several turns.

 Chaining is done by the Pokeradar, it's required to beat the pokemon after seeing it, upon fainting the grass will shake again. 

 The grass that shake in the same way as the previous one has the same pokemon.

 A different shake will lead to a different pokemon, once a different pokemon appears the chaining will conclude.


 What can I do with "chaining"?

 There is a chance of getting a shiny pokemon at the last chain, which may last for over 40 chains, a differently colored grass will shake marking that it has a shiny version of the pokemon.


 I always get a regular Shinnoh pokemon using Pokeradar, I can't get non Shinnoh Pokemon

 (1) Change your area, be sure that the area you're in has the shinnoh pokemon.

 (1) Using the bicycle can interfere with the pokeradar, so always walk!


 The following tips have not been confirmed to be correct, but It could work:

 (1) In Chaining, If only one grass shakes, battle the pokemon it has, until you get to have several shaking grass, the one that shakes most (it should shake differently than the regular ones you get before) is most likely to have uncommon or non-shinnoh pokemon.

 (2) Be sure that you're using super repels or max repels, if you're using them then switch the repel (if you were using a max repel, switch to a super repel; or the opposite)

 (3) Try changing the shaking grass that you go to. Usually go the most shaking grass, or the furthest. Also try to change the area and come to it again after awhile.

 (4) Put a non-Shinnoh Pokemon as the first one in your party

 (5) Let the first pokemon in your party hold the item "Cleanse Tag"

 (6) Try again at another time. If you're at morning, try at a daytime, or at night.


 Vulpix did not appear using the Pokeradar?

 Certain Pokemon such as Vuplix and Growlith are obtained when a Game Boy Advance Pokemon game (Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen) is inserted in the GBA slot of the Nintendo DS.





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