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 Guide: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

 Using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (Nintendo WFC), the following features are available:

  (1) The Global Trade Station (GTS): Located in Jubilife City, it's possible to seek and offer Pokemon globally.

  (2) Friends Trade: Trade with Friends internationally in the downstairs Floor of the Pokemon Centre. (Friend Code required)

  (3) Voice Chat: Using the Nintendo DS microphone feature, it's possible to have voice chats with any Friend (FriendCode required)



 Wireless Broadband Internet (Wireless Router or AOSS Compatible Router)

  * Wireless Internet are also available in Hotspots such as Malls and Cafes. Nintendo DS can also connect to Wireless Signals from Hotspots.


 Type of compatible access points: The Nintendo DS can connect to the following type of access points:

   (a) Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector (sold separately)

   (b) AOSS Compatible device

   (c) Any access point available (Such as a Wireless Router or a Hotspot)




 (1) In the Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl main menu, choose "Nintendo WFC Settings"



 (2) If you are using Wi-Fi USB Connector, select the blue bar "Connect to your Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector". And the Nintendo DS will provide you with the Instructions. The next steps in this guide are not required for the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector.

     If you are using a Wireless Router, AOSS Compatible Router or in a Hotspot with Wireless signal choose one of the Empty Connections.  It will redirect you to the setup menu.



 (3)  (a) Search for an Access Point:  Automatically search for any compatible wireless signal available. (Recommended option)

      (b) AOSS compatible router: If you're using an AOSS device, choose this option.  The Nintendo DS will provide you with the Instructions on how to setup your connection. The next steps in this guide are for regular Wireless Routers or Hotspots, and are not required for your setup.

      (c) Manual Setup: If you're knowledgeable about the settings of your wireless signal, Choose "Manual Setup" to manually set the IP Address, Subnet Masket, Gateway, and the Primary DNS. This is the final step for Manual Setup, the next steps are not required.



 (4) The Nintendo DS will search for any available wireless signal. Choose your network.



 (5) If the wireless signal is Password Protected, It will ask you for the SSID. The SSID can be found in the Control Panel of your router, or refer to the manual of your router. 

      It is Recommended to keep all the settings to "Auto-obtain".



  The Nintendo DS will test your connection, if it is successful, Your Nintendo WFC Settings should now be fully working!


 If you're facing any problem please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

 If you could not find a solution for your problem in the F.A.Q, refer to the Official Nintendo Support:

  Nintendo of America: http://support.nintendo.com

  Nintendo Europe: http://www.nintendo-europe.com/NOE/en/GB/conser/index.jsp

  Nintendo (Japan): http://www.nintendo.co.jp/n10/index.html




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