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 Guide: Mystery Gift

 Mystery Gift is a tool in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl which gives the ability to download data from a certain source, such as getting Rare Pokemons (Arceus, Darkrai, Shaymin) from Nintendo Events, or receiving Pokemon and Items from Pokemon Battle Revolution (Wii) and Pokemon Ranger (Nintendo DS)


 Getting Mystery Gift

  In the Jubilife TV Centre in Jubilife City, in the 2nd floor there is a man who will ask you to enter two word for the first time, then he will ask you to input another two words, in the first time input "Everyone Happy" and in the second "Wi-Fi Connection". You'll have to save you game, after the save the Mystery Gift option in the start menu will be activated!


 Using Mystery Gift

  Upon activating the Mystery Gift, the Mystery Gift bar will appear in the main start menu of the game.


 There are three ways to use Mystery Gift:


  (1) Get from a Friend

  It's not known how the "friend" can send an Item to the receiver, therefore it's uses are still unknown.


  (2) Get via Wireless

  This mode was used in the Pokemon 10 movie event in Japan where Darkrai was presented.

  In this mode it's possible to get:

  - Event Pokemon: Getting Event Pokemon in an Event.

  - Pokemon Ranger: Getting the Manaphy Egg from Pokemon Ranger.

  - Pokemon Battle Revolution: Getting Pokemon Items and Special Pokemons "Surfing Pikachu", "Magmortar", "Electvire" from Pokemon Battle Revolution.


 (3) Get Via Nintendo WFC

  It has not been officially used yet, but using this feature Nintendo could send items globally!

Mystery Gift Pokemon Diamond Pearl nintendo DS


Mystery Gift PokemonDP


Mystery Gift Pokemon Diamond Pearl


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