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 GTS: Global Trade Station


GTS Global Trade Station Wi-Fi Pokemon Global Trade Station GTS WiFi Pokemon DP


  In the GTS that is located in the Jubilife City, It's possible to trade pokemon with any person in the world using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (Internet), you may seek for certain Pokemon or perform a trade by offering your Pokemon while asking for a Pokemon you're looking for.



  International Pokedex entries can be added to the Pokedex after obtaining the National Pokedex, It's possible to get Foreign Pokedex entries for certain Pokemon by receiving Pokemon from a foreign player!   To activate this feature, the guy in the house which is in the middle of the water in route 230 will activate this feature of the National Pokedex.  


 Only the following pokemon are applicable for an Foreign Pokedex description:

   Pikachu , Magikarp, Ekans, Psyduck, Ponyta, Staryu, Wobbufet, Heracross, Sneasel, Houndour, Wingull, Slakoth, Roselia, Teddiursa.


 The National Pokedex can have International Pokedex entries in the following languages:

 English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German, French.



  At least one GYM Badge is required to access the GTS; It is possible to seek for any Pokemon that have been seen in the Pokedex.

  Wireless Internet Connection is required.

Location: Jubilife City




 Amity Square


Amity Square in Pokemon Diamond Pearl Hearthome City Amity Square in Pocket Monsters Pokemon DP


 In the Amity Square, You can have a walk with a selected cute Pokemon.

 In every 200 walks, your Pokemon can find an item, talk to your Pokemon to get the item it found.

 Every Pokemon can find a different item, also the more walks you spend with your Pokemon, the rarer the items are found!


 The applicable Pokemons of entering the Amity Square with you are:
 - Pikachu
 - Clefairy
 - Psyduck
 - Pachirisu
 - Happiny
 - Buneary
 - Drifloon

Location: Hearthome City




 Lost Tower


Old Tower in Pocket Monsters Diamond Pearl Nintendo DS Old Tower in Pokemon DP Nintendo DS


 The Lost Tower is located in Route 209 before Solaceon Town, It has five floors which all have Gastly & Zubat. The higher the floor, the higher in level Gastly & Zubat appears.


Floor 1 Lv.16~18
Floor 2 Lv.17~19
Floor 3 Lv.18~20
Floor 4 Lv.19~21
Floor 5 Lv.20~22

Location: Route 209




 Old Cheateu


Old Cheateu in Pokemon Diamond Pearl Nintendo DS Old Cheateu in Pokemon DP Nintendo DS


 The Old Cheateu is the home of the ghost Pokemon Gastly and it's evolutions, the Cheateu is full of mysterious things happening, which especially occur after obtaining the National Pokedex. Gastly in Lost Tower and Old Cheateu in PokemonDP Diamond Pearl

 If a GBA Pokemon game is inserted in the GBA slot of the Nintendo DS, Haunter could appear in the Old Cheateu along with Gastly.   

 Gengar could appears rarely in the room with the paintings, which is the in the Second floor in the Second room to the right.


 *Notice Regarding the GBA Pokemon Game Insertion:


 Applicable games are Original copies of Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen with a functioning game save file. Game Progress could be required.

  The GBA game may not be compatible with a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl from a different region.



 After obtaining the National Pokedex:


  Rotom: The only-one Rotom appears between 11 PM to 4 AM Inside a television in the room of the 2nd floor after obtaining the National Dex.  Rotom only appears in the television at that time, which is the only place it appears in the game; It is possible to breed Rotom with Ditto to get more Rotom.


  Mysterious People: Strange mysterious people could appear rarely in the Old Cheateu, they could be seen flying in the Cheateu and then suddenly disappearing.  Try entering and exiting the same room for several times, and they could appear!


  "HM01 - Cut" is required to enter the Old Cheateu.

Location: Eterna Forest



 Super Contest


Super Contest in Pokemon Diamond Pearl Super Contest in Pokemon DP DS


 The Super Contest has 5 different contests type :

 Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart, Tough


 And each Contest consists of three rounds:

  (1) Visual Competition

  (2) Dance Competition

  (3) Appeal Competition


 The Super Contest offers two great advantages for the pokemon:

 (1) Ribbons: Having 10 ribbons on one Pokemon allows you to enter the Resort Centre after the National Pokedex

 (2) Can Effects on a Pokemon happiness!

Location: Hearthome City



 Trophy Garden


Pokemon Mansion in Pokemon Diamond Pearl Pokemon Mansion in PokemonDP DS

Trophy Garden in Pokemon Mansion in Pokemon Diamond Pearl DS Trophy Garden in Pokemon Mansion in Pokemon DP DS


 The Pokemon Mansion's Trophy Garden is the home of rare Pokemon. Every day a different pokemon appears in the Trophy Garden, which the master of the garden will tell you who is the pokemon he saw today.   Pokemons that appeared the day before are common to appear with the pokemon featured today.

 The trophy garden is located at the back of the Pokemon Mansion on Route 212.


 Pokemon that appears in the Trophy Garden

 Pikachu, Kricketune, Roselia and Staravia are found daily in the Trophy Garden, along with the exclusive pokemon that the master sees that changes daily:


Eevee, Meowth, Bonsly, Castform, Mime Jr, Plusle, Minun,

Jigglypuff, Igglypuff, Cleffairy, Cleffa, Chansey, Happiny, Marill, Azurril.


 Visiting the Trophy Garden at Night:

  On your way to the Pokemon Mansion at night, you could enter "Police" Pokemon Trainers who will ask you for a battle.

  If you visit the master's room at around 2 AM, you could be able to touch the item that the police is asking you to keep away from, It will have your fingerprint on it!


Location: Route 212




 Solaceon Ruins


Solaceon Ruins in Pokemon Diamond Pearl DP DS Solaceon Ruins in PokemonDP


 Solaceon Ruins in Solaceon Town is the home of Unown, each floor has a different letter of Unown.    If you could catch the all the alphabets looks of Unowns, the mysterious ? Unown and ! Unown would appear (most likely in the last floor)!


 Location: Solaceon Town





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