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 Frequently Asked Questions (Help)
 Global Trade Station (GTS)

  Where is the GTS?

 It is located in Jubilife City, in the left of the Pokemon Centre.

  I am getting an Error message upon entering the GTS, what is the problem?

  It's most likely a problem with your Internet connection. Check the settings of your router, disable any firewall, get nearby to your router.

  If you cannot enter the GTS Building by getting blocked by a woman, then you do not have enough GYM badges.

 In case you're sure your Internet connection running perfectly, then It could be a problem from the Nintendo servers. Try again at a different time.

 If an error message displayed while you're in the GTS, It's possible that the connection with the Nintendo servers have been "timed out", try spending less time in the Global Trade Station.

  I am looking for Darkrai, Arceus, Shaymin. Can I get them?

 Darkrai, Arceus and Shaymin are Event Pokemon. These Pokemon can only be obtained by visiting an Event held by Nintendo, and It will be sent as a present.  As of August 2007, Only one event has been done, which is the "Darkrai" event in Japan when visiting the 10th Pokemon movie at the cinema (until 9 September 2007). More Information regarding the Event can be found in the Pokemon 10th Movie: "Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai" Page.

 Also, Shaymin and Arceus have not been released on an Event yet (Including Japan), therefore getting  Arceus and Shaymin is only possible by Game Cheating using Action Replay.

  A Pokemon name does not appear in the Pokemon list in the Seek option.

 Only Pokemon you've seen in your Pokedex would appear in the Pokemon list, so you can only search for a pokemon you've seen.


 Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (WFC)

 Most Error message displayed when connecting to the Internet in the Nintendo DS would be solved by ensuring that the following settings are set:

  • Be Sure that your Wireless Internet Connection is enabled and running. Check the settings of your router.
  • Be sure that your Router and Computer Firewall is not blocking any connection. If it's suspicious, It'd be recommended to disable the firewall.
  • Try changing the wireless signal channel; recommended channels are channel 1, channel 2, channel 6, channel 11.

- If the Nintendo DS could find your connection but could not access it, most likely it's due to:

  • A Firewall blocking the connection: Try disabling the firewall in both your computer and your router If both Installed.
  • A different Wireless Connection channel is set: Try setting the channel to channel 1, channel 2, channel 6 or channel 11.
  • Wrong Password: If your Wireless Connection is password protected, most likely there is a difference between the password entered in the router and the one entered in the Nintendo DS; try changing the password, If not successful, then try to make your wireless signal without password protection.

  • The router is too far (or weak signal): Try getting nearby to your wireless Internet source (i.e: the router)

 If your connection is working perfectly, but you're unable to connect to the Nintendo WFC server, It could be a downtime problem from Nintendo's servers, you may check the server status at the official Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection web site:



 It is also possible that your router is not compatible;  

 For detailed support, refer to the Official Nintendo WFC Support:






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